Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide

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It may seem counterintuitive, but getting to know yourself a little better is also helpful to your child.

Try thinking about the following questions:

• How do you think your childhood experiences have influenced the person you are today?

• Do you see any patterns of behavior that have been transmitted from generation to generation within your family?

• Think back to a difficult experience you had as a child, and how your family responded. How would you handle the situation if the same experience happened to your child?

• What did you learn from your parents or family about how to cope with emotions?

• What positive family experiences or events do you remember from your childhood?

• What are your hopes and dreams for your child? Are they realistic? Make sure that you leave room for your child to figure out her own hopes and dreams.

It can be helpful to revisit these questions every so often, as new realizations often percolate to the surface over time. Also, as you forge ahead on your parenting journey, be conscious of your two sets of eyes. Sometimes simply acknowledging that you have two perspectives can provide clarity and defuse anxiety.

Remember that growth is a lifelong process; becoming a parent offers yet another opportunity for you to evolve as a person.

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