Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide

Living in Balance

Connect Comfort Calm

“Simply with a change of mind you can change your life.”


  • The Parent’s Transitional Object

    The CuddleBright Keepsake Heart is a unique transitional object designed to comfort and calm parents by providing them with something to touch and hold during difficult separations and transitions. As part of the goodbye routine, the Keepsake Heart engages both parent and child in a shared emotional experience. During times of separation, the heart is…

  • Intentions

    The Keepsake Heart has the words CONNECT, COMFORT, and CALM inscribed on it. These three words are intentions or reminders, designed to encourage parents to foster self-care as well as mindful caregiving behaviors, healthy habits, and coping strategies to better manage stress. Each intention is meant to help parents build self-awareness as they develop a…

  • Connect

    We all have a biological need for safety, connection, and love. Designate times when you can focus your attention on your child. Let go of your to-do list, worries, and stresses so you can be in-the-moment. Disconnect from all distractions, including electronic devices. When you are present, you can experience shared interactions with your child…

  • Comfort

    Comfort starts with awareness of the mind-body connection.  Pay attention to the fact that all of you is connected – your social, emotional, cognitive and physical systems – and each of them impact each other and how you move through the world.   Become a stress detective!  Recognize the signs and sources of stress and how…

  • Calm

    Calm begins with being mindful of the many components to maintain a calm state and personal well-being – physical, cognitive and emotional. The physical element includes a slow heart rate, deep and relaxed breathing, and loose or completely relaxed muscles. The cognitive element is being aware of the physical sensations and connecting them with what’s…

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