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What is the CuddleBright® Experience?

The CuddleBright® Experience contains four key components: a cuddly Lovie along with a Parenting Guide, Board Book and special Connect Comfort Calm™ Keepsake Heart that work together to connect, comfort and calm both parent and child. This easy to use experience will fit seamlessly into your everyday life and help encourage a secure emotional connection between you and your child.

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CuddleBright® Parenting Guide

The CuddleBright® Experience begins with the CuddleBright® Parenting Guide. Developed by the child-development experts at the Simms/Mann Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to health and wellness, this 140-page guide covers 18 essential topics related to your child’s social and emotional development and provides practical skills and everyday strategies to help your child thrive. The knowledge you’ll gain from this guide, coupled with your constant care and love, will get your child off to a healthy start. Reading even a short section a day, or week, or as you’re able, will help you learn to support your child’s ability to adapt to challenges and be ready to learn.

Topics include:

  • Creating routines and rituals

  • Making bye-bye better

  • The art of being present

  • Speaking in Parentese

  • Teaching your child to manage frustration

  • Teaching empathy

  • Setting limits and boundaries

  • Talking tantrums

  • Making up after mistakes

  • And so much more!

A Cuddle Before I Go

Next, create your own comforting and consistent routine, including reading of A Cuddle Before I Go.  Remember, it’s never too soon to start reading together! This delightfully-illustrated, 18-page Board Book tells the sweet story of a goodbye routine between a Mommy and her baby. Regularly using A Cuddle Before I Go as part of your own goodbye ritual provides an easy way to share a moment of connection before separation, comforting both parent and child. The perfect together-time activity, the book also includes a 3”x5” frame for a photo of you and your child, providing additional comfort to your child when the two of you are apart.

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CuddleBright® Lovie

The CuddleBright® Lovie will calm and comfort, decrease stress, and foster self soothing when your child is tired or upset during separations, transitions and unfamiliar situations. 

Designed for use from the time baby is born, the CuddleBright® Lovie can be included in all parts of your day, from feeding time to cuddling, peek-a-boo to story time.  Each CuddleBright® Lovie features a sweet heart patch that doubles as a handy pacifier or teether snap as well as smooth satin spots, fabric knots, and ribbons for tactile engagement. Choose from a Bunny, Puppy, Bear, or Elephant – we’ve got a CuddleBright® Lovie that’s just right for your little one.

CuddleBright® Connect Comfort Calm™ Keepsake Heart

Because we know separations can be hard for you too, nestled within the pages of A Cuddle Before I Go is a CuddleBright® Connect Comfort Calm™ Keepsake Heart, your own special, transitional object. It will help you ease the stress of separations, just as the CuddleBright® Lovie does for your child.  The words inscribed on the heart are meant to guide and inspire your parenting and to actively remind you of the connection you and your child share.


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