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Like the child’s Lovie, the job of the CuddleBright Keepsake Heart is to be a transitional object, providing the parent with something tangible to touch and hold during times of separation and transitions. Nestled within the pages of A Cuddle Before I Go, the Keepsake Heart is a visual and physical reminder for the parent of their deep connection to their child. Using the Keepsake Heart as part of the Goodbye and Hello routine and ritual engages parent and child in a shared emotional experience. During times of reconnection, the Keepsake Heart represents the rejoining of their hearts in a “Heart-to-Heart” moment.

The Keepsake Heart has the words CONNECT, COMFORT, and CALM inscribed on it. These three words are intentions or reminders, designed to encourage parents to foster mindful caregiving behaviors, healthy habits for self-care, and coping strategies to better manage stress.

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