Getting Started: Transitional Objects

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Like Charlie Brown’s best friend Linus and his blue security blanket, children often find comfort in the familiar, soft touch of a lovie or cuddly toy. These items are called transitional objects. Research indicates that a transitional object can be used as a source of comfort and as a way to stay connected to loved ones during times of separation and transition. Incorporating the CuddleBright® Lovie into your daily routines will help your baby associate the Lovie with your warmth, security, and love, which will help to ease your time apart. Just as the Lovie will help your baby feel more secure and ease the stress of separations—the CuddleBright® Connect Comfort Calm™Keepsake Heart will do the same for you, as it will become a constant reminder to you of you and your baby’s deep connection while you are apart.