Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide

Using Transitional Objects to Stay Connected

Like Charlie Brown’s best friend Linus and his blue security blanket, children often find comfort in the familiar, soft touch of a lovie or cuddly toy. These items are called transitional objects. People of all ages use transitional objects, ranging from students taking their stuffed animal to college to adults with heirlooms that have special meaning that connect them to other generations. These objects help us stay connected to loved ones.

A transitional object is used as a source of comfort during times of separation and transition. The Lovie and Heart in the CuddleBright® Experience are the perfect tools to help you and your child feel connected while you are apart, or whenever your child is feeling anxious, upset, or tired. Eventually, your child will begin associating the Lovie with you and what you represent to her: warmth, comfort, security, and most of all, love. The Heart will serve a similar purpose for you, reminding you of your deep connection and parenting intentions with your child.

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