Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide

Create Your Bye-Bye Routine Using the CuddleBright® Experience

• Designate a special place in your house, like your child’s room, where you can focus on each other for a few minutes before you say goodbye.

• Give your child a heads-up. Sit at eye level, look into her eyes, and calmly tell her, “Mommy will be leaving in five minutes.” (Hold up five fingers to reinforce the concept.)

• Be ready to translate any tears into words, like, “I know you want Mommy to stay with you, but Mommy will be back. Mommy needs to go to _____(store/work).”

• Continue to sit at your child’s eye level and read A Cuddle Before I Go storybook.

• Perhaps even play the peek-a-boo game with the Lovie.

• Remove the Heart from the book and say, “I’ll touch my special Heart today and think of you.”

• Give the Lovie to your child and say, “When you miss me, you can cuddle with your Lovie and think of me.”

• Tell your child that you’ll see her after some predictable activity in her schedule, such as, “Mommy will be home after your nap.”

• Let your child know who will take care of her while you are away.

• Speak warmly of (and to) the caregiver to build trust.

• Add a ritual to your goodbye routine by creating an exclusive phrase, like “Bye bye my little Jewel—I love you!” (The child’s name is Julie.)

• Take the Heart with you. Allow your child to see you put the Heart in a special place such as your pocket or purse.

• Confidently give your child a hug and kiss, and be on your way.

Helpful Tips

• Use short, simple words.

• Practice leaving your child for short periods of time and gradually build up to longer separations.

• Remember, spending the time to say goodbye will help your child reconnect with you in a more positive way when you return.

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