Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide

How to Use the Lovie

The Lovie can be included in all parts of your day…all those warm moments you spend with your child snuggling, feeding, reading stories, or playing games. The Lovie is ready to use from the day your child is born.

For Babies (up to twelve months)

• Put the Lovie over your shoulder when feeding your child. The familiarity of your scent on the Lovie will bring comfort to your child when you are apart.

• Cuddle the Lovie when you’re holding your child so he’ll begin to associate it with you.

• Gently glide your child’s hand over the Lovie to feel the soft, soothing textures.

• Use the Lovie to play games like peek-a-boo.

• Keep the Lovie nearby when you’re reading stories to your child.

• Use the Lovie when your child is feeling tired or upset during separations, transitions, and unfamiliar situations. This will decrease stress and foster self-soothing.

For Toddlers (ages one to three)

Continue to incorporate the activities listed in the baby section, plus:

• Place the Lovie in your child’s crib or bed to provide comfort when he sleeps.

• Help your child name the Lovie.

Don’t let anyone tell you that loving a Lovie is a sign of weakness! Instead, it indicates a strong parental bond. Over time, your child will begin associating the Lovie with the comfort and security he associates with you. All children are different. If at first your child is not interested in a lovie, remember, that as he grows he might change his mind and find one that he likes.

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