Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide

How to Use the “Cuddle Before I Go” Storybook

We know that saying goodbye can be hard. Parents often feel anxious about leaving their children, even for a short time. A Cuddle Before I Go storybook provides an easy way to share a moment of connection before separation. Regularly using the storybook as part of a goodbye ritual will help your child manage your comings and goings in a calmer and more secure way. The storybook is intended to help your child feel connected to you even when you are apart.

The storybook includes a 3″×5″ frame for a picture of you and your child. You and your child can choose the picture together. Pictures can comfort your child during times of separation, such as naptime or when you’re away. When your child sees a picture of you, it helps him remember that you still exist, and that you will return. Place the book with the picture where your child can see it, such as on his dresser or in his crib.

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