Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide

Final Thoughts

To Jordan, Sarah, Justin, and Katie.

The birth of my four grandchildren led me to reflect on the changing American family and the values and conflicts of the society in which my children and grandchildren will have to manage. Financial disparities coupled with the challenges of our fast-paced information age have caused confusion and stress for parents today. It was these concerns that inspired this CuddleBright® Parenting Guide. As a grandparent, I wish that all future generations have the opportunity to nurture meaningful relationships and experience supportive communities that foster adaptation and resilience.

This guide was written with a deep caring about the development of healthy children, healthy families, and healthy communities. Our hope is that we have provided you with the basic knowledge and tools to strengthen the connection you share with your child, and the ability to navigate the ups and downs of the first three years and beyond.

I am deeply grateful to my family and my team at the Simms/Mann Institute whose support, insight, and dedication was vital to the creation of the CuddleBright® Experience.

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Victoria Mann Simms, PhD
Founder and President, Simms/Mann Institute

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