Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide

Why Routines and Rituals Are Important

Many adults fear change and uncertainty, yet babies deal with these challenges every day. Their bodies are continuously developing. They go from breast, bottle, or both to feeding themselves. They move from a crib to a bed. They’re constantly learning new skills and meeting new people. What helps little ones get through this? Routines and rituals.

Routines are consistent ways to do daily tasks. They provide structure, consistency, and predictability. Routines are welcome comforts in your child’s ever- changing world. The repetition of routines in your child’s life establishes order, which helps her navigate her day and makes it easier for you to guide her.

Rituals are meaningful actions you do with intention and thoughtfulness. They enhance routines. They are particularly important in helping both you and your child tolerate stressful feelings evoked by fear or change, such as the birth of a new baby, moving to a new house, or meeting a new caregiver. Rituals are shared experiences that deepen your emotional connections and provide opportunities for nurturing and bonding. The timing, predictability, and reliable emotional tone of rituals and routines give both child and parent a sense of comfort and control.

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