Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide

A Four-Step Example

Three-year-old Amanda’s mother was delighted at first when Amanda began dressing herself, but suddenly mornings became a struggle, with Amanda feeling rushed and her mother feeling frustrated by how long Amanda spent choosing an outfit. Together, they discussed the problem and made a plan for a nightly routine. They added a ritual to make what was once a challenging time less stressful.

1. REMEMBER: Each evening before bed, they put a basket on the floor to remind them to choose the next day’s outfit.

2. ACT: They save time before bed to make sure that Amanda has all of her clothes in the basket for the next day. They also add an exclusive ritual to the new routine. They find a pocket or special place in Amanda’s chosen clothing and place a Mommy-kiss for Amanda to keep there all day long!

3. REWARD: Amanda and her mother get what they need. Amanda can choose her clothes, her mother can get out the door in the morning, and they both can feel connected and empowered.

4. REPEAT: The more Amanda and her mother repeat the routine and ritual, the easier, faster, and more joyful the process becomes.

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