Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide

Technology and Play

Apps, games, and videos are enchanting for a child— but is playing on a device really playing? Today’s children are exposed to multiple electronic devices that can overstimulate them. The brain needs to have a chance to “do nothing” from time to time. Being bored can be beneficial! In the empty space produced by doing nothing, all kinds of creative ideas can blossom.

Effective play is social, not technological. Research proves that it’s through social interaction—not through computers, television, or technology—that your child’s social brain develops.

While in-person social interactions are ideal, quality interactions can still be accomplished through the use of video chat when work or geographic distance makes it difficult to connect in person. Video chat works best when it replicates the back-and-forth, turn-taking activities that you would engage in with your child if you were in the same room together. This is great news for Grandma, who lives three states away. She can still build a strong attachment relationship with your child even if she can’t always be physically nearby.

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