Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide

Strategies to Honor Your Child’s Temperament

Once you understand your child’s temperament, develop strategies that honor both your child’s temperament and her need to adapt to the surrounding environment.

• Help your child express her feelings, desires, and preferences.

• Anticipate issues before they occur, including situations that will overly frustrate or challenge her. Some frustration is important for growth, but too much frustration can be problematic.

• Select situations or activities that fit your child’s temperament so she will be able to accomplish her goals and feel successful.

• Acknowledge and understand temperament mismatches to avoid recurring battles.

• Identify your child’s strengths to support her success with tasks and relationships.

• Give your child’s natural disposition room to flourish.

• Have realistic expectations of your child and yourself.

All temperament qualities work towards your child’s advantage, if they are sensitively managed.

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