Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide

Create Your Hello Routine

When you return from being away, have a plan before you walk through the door:

• Finish all calls and texts so that you can be fully engaged when you see your child.

• Take a few minutes to wind down before you walk in the door. For example, stroll around the block or sit in the car and listen to your favorite music.

• If you’re feeling stressed, take these moments to check your emotions so that you can walk through the door with a calmer attitude. If necessary, take several deep breaths before you enter.

• Greet your child with a big hug and kiss as you smile and say your exclusive Hello Ritual, such as, “Hello my little Jewel – I love you.” (The child’s name is Julie.)

• Allow some time for your child to acknowledge your presence. Some children take longer to reconnect, so do not take it personally.

• Hold up the Heart and say something like, “I touched my special Heart today and thought of you!”

• Spend some time with your child before moving on to other household tasks.

• If you cannot spend some one-on-one time with your child after your Hello Routine, then let her know a realistic time when you can. You might say, “After your bath, we’ll read a story together!” Help your child find something to do in the meantime—for example, perhaps she can play near you as you fix dinner.

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