Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide

Goodbyes Can Be Difficult for You Both!

You have probably experienced the clinging, clutching, and crying that often accompany a goodbye. Babies, and sometimes even toddlers, don’t make it easy for you to leave—even for a quick run to the store. Being upset when you’re not with them is perfectly normal, and can start at any time during the first three years.

The challenge of separation can vary greatly depending on your child’s age, developmental stage, temperament, and environment.

• Your child is especially likely to find goodbyes hard at certain ages, in particular between seven and nine months and/or between eighteen and twenty-four months.

• Reaching milestones can also be stressful for your child. For example, learning to walk can give your child joy at her capacity to explore the world more freely, but also intensify fear of physical separation from her parents.

• Separations are often more challenging during times of transition in your child’s life, such as the birth of a sibling or going to daycare.

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