Parenting Guide

Parenting Guide


Practical Tips From The Pros On 18 Essential Topics

Congratulations! Being a parent is one of life’s greatest gifts. The CuddleBright® Experience was designed by child-development expert with both parent and child in mind. We know that you want to lay the best foundation for your child’s healthy development. Our tools and tips will provide you and your child with a strong start!

In these instructions, we outline the different components in the CuddleBright® Experience, and show you how to incorporate them into your daily life with your child.

We know that, as new moms and dads, you may feel stretched for time and confused about where to begin. Our hope is that the simple and profound guidance we’ve provided will help you and your child connect more deeply from infancy through toddlerhood and beyond, while nurturing your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.

With respect and gratitude,

The Simms/Mann Institute

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