Guía para padres

Guía para padres

Primeros pasos

Transmitir el consuelo y la ciencia de la conexión

“Para estar en las memorias de sus hijos mañana, tiene que estar en sus vidas hoy.”


  • Cómo usar la Guía CuddleBright® para Padres

    This CuddleBright® Parenting Guide offers you child- development information to help you and your child get off to a healthy start. This knowledge, coupled with your care and love, will support your child’s ability to adapt to challenges and be ready to learn. Some of the valuable things you’ll learn include: • How to develop…

  • Cómo usar el Animalito Especial

    The Lovie can be included in all parts of your day…all those warm moments you spend with your child snuggling, feeding, reading stories, or playing games. The Lovie is ready to use from the day your child is born. For Babies (up to twelve months) • Put the Lovie over your shoulder when feeding your…

  • Cómo usar el librito Un Abrazo Antes Que Me Vaya

    We know that saying goodbye can be hard. Parents often feel anxious about leaving their children, even for a short time. A Cuddle Before I Go storybook provides an easy way to share a moment of connection before separation. Regularly using the storybook as part of a goodbye ritual will help your child manage your…

  • Cómo usar el Corazón

    The storybook contains a special Heart, which you can take with you when you are separated from your child. It is an active reminder of your love and deep connection with your child. Just as the Lovie will help your child feel more secure and ease the stress of separations—the Heart will do the same…

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