What is the CuddleBright®

The CuddleBright® Experience offers a tool for parenting. It is a dynamic parenting system that engages parent and child in reciprocal interactions and experiences to build a secure and enduring relationship.

What makes CuddleBright® a

The CuddleBright® Experience includes a cuddly Lovie and beautifully-illustrated Un Abrazo Antes Que Me Vaya. board book for the baby, and a Keepsake Heart and Parenting Guide for the parent. All of these components are interrelated, and work together to offer active parenting practices that help both parent and child feel connected and manage the stress of separation.

How do the CuddleBright® components work together? Let’s start with the Lovie!


In the CuddleBright® system, we assigned the Lovie the job of being your child’s transitional object by becoming their special Lovie, serving as a physical but symbolic bridge between the two of you.

Board Book

The CuddleBright® Experience includes the delightfully-illustrated and rhyming Un Abrazo Antes Que Me Vaya. board book. The job of the board book is to provide parents a model for establishing a consistent and reliable routine.

Keepsake Heart

Like the child’s Lovie, the job of the CuddleBright® Keepsake Heart is to be a transitional object, providing the parent with something tangible to touch and hold during times of separation and transitions.

Guía para padres

The Parenting Guide contains 18 short and digestible chapters on parenting topics, and is informed by child development theory, years of clinical experience, and neuroscience research.

*La Guia para Padres está disponible para descargar en español.

Above all else, we hope the CuddleBright® Experience will offer you small moments of joy and connection with your child!