Getting Started: Routines and Rituals

Routines are consistent ways to do daily tasks. They provide structure, consistency, and predictability. Routines are welcome comforts in your baby’s ever-changing world. The repetition of routines establishes order for your baby, which helps him navigate his day and makes it easier for you to guide him.  Rituals are meaningful actions you do with intention […]

Transitional Objects: Helpful for Parents Too?

The term “transitional object” was originally coined by Winnicott (1951, 1953) to describe the soft, clingable objects infants and young children become attached to (e.g., soft blankets or teddy bears).  These object attachments decrease distress and anxiety while providing comfort and security for young children during separations from the parent.  Winnicott described these objects as […]

Recognizing Stress

Soundbite from the behind-the-scenes interview with Dr. Sonya Lupien at the 2018 Simms/Mann Institute Think Tank