Getting Started: Routines and Rituals

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Routines are consistent ways to do daily tasks. They provide structure, consistency, and predictability. Routines are welcome comforts in your baby’s ever-changing world. The repetition of routines establishes order for your baby, which helps him navigate his day and makes it easier for you to guide him. 

Rituals are meaningful actions you do with intention and thoughtfulness. They enhance routines. They are particularly important in helping both you and your baby tolerate stressful transitions evoked by fear or change, such as the birth of a new sibling, moving to a new house, meeting a new caregiver or even fear of the dark.

Routines and rituals have a real impact on your baby’s brain. When your baby experiences consistent and predictable repetition, the pattern solidifies circuits in his brain that associate your action with a particular outcome. As your baby comes to realize that these outcomes are consistent and reliable (for example, you leave for work, say goodbye, take the Heart, and then return), his brain becomes wired to anticipate this outcome. This consistency and predictability will give you and your baby a sense of calm and stability that far outlasts the years of early childhood. You can learn how to make your own special routines and rituals using the CuddleBright® Experience.