Learn More: The CuddleBright® Lovie

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Your child probably has many toys or cuddly stuffed animals to play with and connect to. So what have we done to make the CuddleBright Lovie different from the rest?

In the CuddleBright system, we assigned the Lovie the job of being your child’s transitional object by becoming their special Lovie, serving as a physical but symbolic bridge between the two of you, helping the child feel connected when separated from you and supporting the child’s ability to calm and self-soothe during stressful times.

To strengthen the Lovie as an emotional connector to you, the Lovie was intentionally made the star of the A Cuddle Before I Go board book and a key player in the child’s separation narrative. Your child will love the relatable experience of their Lovie being in their storybook, as well as being incorporated into many daily routines and rituals, all helping the child manage the transitional experience between attachment and separation. 

The Lovie is soft and cuddly, with human-like features: eyes that speak to the child’s eyes, ears for the child to share feelings with, and arms that are fun for the child to hug. The Lovie includes ribbons, satin, and knots for additional tactile stimulation. Choose from a Bunny, Puppy, Bear, or Elephant – we’ve got a CuddleBright® Lovie that’s just right for your little one!

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