Learn More: “A Cuddle Before I Go” Board Book

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The CuddleBright Experience includes the delightfully-illustrated and rhyming A Cuddle Before I Go board book, which is the sequential story of a Goodbye and Hello routine between a parent and baby. The job of the board book is to provide parents a model for establishing a consistent and reliable routine that helps parent and child organize the day and build trust, so the child can feel safe, secure, and connected when separated from the parent.  

The board book gives both parent and child the vocabulary to put words to their feelings around separation, helping them manage their distress so they can navigate big and small transitions.

In addition to featuring your child’s Lovie, the board book has thought bubbles showing the parent and baby thinking about each other, a 3×5 plastic pocket in the back of the book for a photo of you and your child, and illustrations of the Keepsake Heart. All creatively work together to give the child reminders of the parent during times of separation so that they can feel calm and explore the world.

Children love repetition because it provides familiarity and comfort, so don’t worry that you are reading the same book over and over again!

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