What is the CuddleBright® Experience?

CuddleBright® Experience contains four key components: a cuddly Lovie along with a Parenting Guide, Board Book and Connect Comfort Calm™ Keepsake Heart that work together to connect, comfort and calm both parent and child. This easy to use experience will fit seamlessly into your everyday life and help encourage secure emotional connection between you and your child.

Where can I buy the CuddleBright® Experience?

The CuddleBright® Experience is available at Amazon.com. For any retail inquiries, please send us an email.

Why are these bonds so important?

Research proves that developing a healthy and secure emotional connection with your child builds the foundation for social, emotional, and cognitive skills that will serve your little one for the rest of his or her life.

When should I start using the CuddleBright® Experience?

The CuddleBright® Experience and the rich information in our CuddleBright® Parenting Guide are designed to be used from birth and can be effective and relevant anytime during the first five years of life.

What is a transitional object?

A transitional object is an item, such as a Lovie, that is used as a source of comfort during times of separation and transition. People of all ages use transitional objects. Often, you’ll see students take their stuffed animal to college and adults with heirlooms that have special meaning. These objects help us stay connected to loved ones.

Who should buy the CuddleBright® Experience?

The CuddleBright® Experience was designed with the entire family in mind. It can be purchased and used by mother and father, as well as any extended family members such as grandparents and other caregivers. The key is to ensure each family member has an exclusive ritual and routine with the child to meet your child’s individual needs while you incorporate it into your own unique family structure.

Why is there a snap on my CuddleBright® Lovie?

The heart on CuddleBright® Lovie unsnaps to allow for a pacifier string or teether to snap on in its place. See? We really have thought of everything.

Why is there a pocket on the back of the A Cuddle Before I Go?

The clear, plastic pocket on the back of the A Cuddle Before I Go is meant to hold a 3”x5” photo of you and your child, providing additional comfort and keeping your image visible to baby until you're together again.

I received the CuddleBright® Experience as a gift, but am already cuddling brighter! How can I return it?

Woops! Looks like there can be too much of a good thing! Simply follow the return instructions here.

Help! We lost our Lovie!

Don’t worry! We’ve been there, too. Whether your Lovie is lost, in the wash, or you’re simply planning ahead, we get it. Please send us an email and we can help you get a replacement.

The CuddleBright® Experience worked for us… now what?

The CuddleBright® Experience is designed to follow your family from infancy through toddlerhood and beyond. We recommend revisiting the CuddleBright® Parenting Guide as your child grows into a toddler and then again as your little love enters preschool. And don’t be surprised if your little one hangs on to his CuddleBright® Lovie for years to come. Or if you pull out that CuddleBright® Connect Comfort Calm™ Keepsake Heart when your little one heads off to college.