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Helpful Tips

See for yourself. It’s one thing for a provider to talk about a developmentally appropriate curriculum or individualized care—it’s another to do it! Visit providers and see them in action before you make your decision. Trust your own sense about what’s right (or not!) for your child. If you have a feeling that something isn’t […]

Consider Your Child’s Developmental Needs

Infant and toddler care should not look or feel just like preschool. Infants and toddlers need individualized care from a primary caregiver with whom they can form a strong, secure attachment. This can happen in a group care setting, provided that: • The group size is small (twelve or fewer children; six or fewer is […]

Consider Your Child’s Temperament Style

You are the expert on your child. Think about what type of care environment will be best suited to her unique temperament: • Does your child like to be with big or small groups of children? • Does your child need a lot of active or quiet time? • What noise levels can your child […]