Purchase the CuddleBright® Experience

Congratulations! You’re on your way to developing a deeper, more meaningful bond with your baby, creating smoother transitions, easing separations and tantrums, and building security and confidence that lasts a lifetime. The complete CuddleBright® Experience includes everything you’ll need to get started!


The CuddleBright® Experience

The CuddleBright® Experience contains four key components: a cuddly Lovie along with a Parenting Guide, Board Book and special Connect Comfort Calm™ Keepsake Heart that work together to connect, comfort and calm both parent and child. This easy to use experience will fit seamlessly into your everyday life and help encourage a secure emotional connection between you and your child.

CuddleBright® Replacement Lovie

If the thought of losing your child’s CuddleBright® Lovie has YOU in tears, worry not! Our CuddleBright® Experience Replacement Lovie is here to save the day.


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CuddleBright® Connect Comfort Calm™ Keepsake Replacement Heart

If the thought of losing your child’s CuddleBright®  Connect Comfort Calm™ Keepsake Heart has YOU in tears, worry not! Our Connect Comfort Calm™ Keepsake Heart Replacement is here to save the day.  Each heart is 100% BPA Free and doubles as a cute teether.