About CuddleBright® Experience


Our Story

The Simms/Mann Institute is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of children, families, and communities.

Because healthy bonds build healthy brains, we’re committed to providing parents with the information they need to promote positive interactions that enable children to adapt and become more resilient—from infancy through toddlerhood and beyond.

The CuddleBright® Experience is informed by child development theory, years of clinical experience and the latest neuroscience research--to help parents create rituals and routines that will help them and their children develop healthier and more secure emotional connections.

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CuddleBright® Cares

100% of CuddleBright's net proceeds support research and education in early childhood development through the nonprofit Simms/Mann Institute.

The Simms/Mann Institute donates thousands of CuddleBrights to babies in need and millions of dollars to educate parents, teachers and nurses in brain science research. 

Featured programs include Friendship Connection Foundation, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and El Nido, to name a few.