Hear from Happy CuddleBright® Parents

The CuddleBright® Experience is truly a life-saver! Our sobbing day care drop-offs have transformed into happy, loving goodbyes thanks to the A Cuddle Before I Go book and the tips and tricks I learned from the CuddleBright® Parenting Guide. I can’t thank you enough!

Lindey H., mom to baby Claire, 18 months

This Mama is singing your praise! I can’t tell you what it means to be able to leave the house without feeling guilty and sad. When I am calm our whole family is happier thanks to the rituals and routines of the CuddleBright® Experience.

- Susie C., mom to Caroline, 3

The ‘Eyes and Ears’ section of the CuddleBright® Parenting Guide really spoke to us. Putting down our phones and giving our son our undivided attention has helped us learn to be present as a family and really see not just him, but each other, too.

- David H., dad to Avery 5 and Peter 2

The CuddleBright® Experience has made such a difference in our daily life that we even ordered a spare CuddleBright® Lovie, just in case!

- Allison M., mom to Rose 10 months and Henry 2