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Getting Started: Building Bonds

Attachment is a deep, enduring emotional bond connecting one person to another across time and space. For a parent and child, it can start well before birth, but the real work of developing healthy attachments starts once baby arrives—ready to connect, observing the world around him, with you at the center of it all.

Getting Started: Routines and Rituals

Routines are consistent ways to do daily tasks. They provide structure, consistency, and predictability. Routines are welcome comforts in your baby’s ever-changing world. The repetition of routines establishes order for your baby, which helps him navigate his day and makes it easier for you to guide him.


Getting Started: Transitional Objects

Like Charlie Brown’s best friend Linus and his blue security blanket, children often find comfort in the familiar, soft touch of a lovie or cuddly toy. These items are called transitional objects. Research indicates that a transitional object can be used as a source of comfort and as a way to stay connected to loved ones during times of separation and transition.